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Keeping Your Mind Sharp in the Face of COVID-19

Uncertainty, fear and anxiety are all words we have used to describe our feelings as we venture into the uncharted territory of a worldwide pandemic. However, the thought we should all hang our hats on is that things will eventually return to normal. For now, we must become acclimated to a new normal and for our students that means ensuring that your academic skills remain sharp during these tumultuous times.

While this time may be overwhelming, there have been a plethora of resources shared in recent days that will assist with extending learning beyond the classroom. Most important, is that students seek to keep their minds engaged and not view the time off from school as a break but rather time on to learn something new. There is no better education than the lessons learned by overcoming adversity.

It will be important to try and maintain some semblance of normalcy, so establishing a daily schedule of expectations and outcomes for yourself will be key. Begin your course of study by setting manageable and achievable goals for your learning time. Be realistic with your expectations as you build a routine.

Change is scary and the unknown can be terrifying, but by maintaining a sense of routine you will be better on the other side. At College Bound, Career Ready we have curated a list of resources that focus on helping students gain access to remote learning, so that you, too, will be College Bound, Career Ready

Online Learning Resources:

Class Central- Free Ivy League Online Courses

Fiveable- Advanced Placement Study Resources

Metropolitan Opera- Livestreams of Opera Events

BrainPOP- Educational Videos

Breakout EDU- Teambuilding Activities

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