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Personalized College Admissions Counseling

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College Bound, Career Ready, LLC offers one-to-one college consulting and advising! From exploring your interests and matching them with potential careers, to finding reputable colleges and universities that offer the education, experience, and involvement you desire, we are here to support your unique college and university goals and aspirations.

We specialize in making college accessible to every individual and working each student through the sometimes daunting process of College Selection, the Application Process, Admission Essays, and Personal Statements, How to Build a Notable Transcript, Interview Skills, ACT and SAT Prep Work and Score Transfer, FAFSA, and Locating Scholarships.  
Are you looking for personalized assistance in navigating the challenging footpath toward college?

A College Admissions Counselor, at College Bound, Career Ready, can help you to define your goals and navigate this pathway from Freshman year through graduation. If you want to succeed and are ready to explore the resources available to you, then we encourage you to take a look at our services!

Our Services

College Planning

Our most comprehensive package designed to work with students beginning in their Sophomore or Junior Year and extending through graduation.

  • Course Selection

  • Transcript Counseling 



           Score counseling 


  •  Define Educational Goals 

  • Career Exploration 

  • College & University Selection





           Advice on process

                 ED (Early Decision)

                 EA (Early Action)

                 RD (Regular Decision)

  •  College Major Counseling 

  • College Application Guidance 

  • College Essay and Personal Statement Instruction 

  • College Interview Preparation 

  • Resume Building 

  • Scholarship Search 

  • FAFSA Information 

  • Financial Planning

  • Guaranteed Email or Phone Response within 24 Hours

College Admissions Coaching

Senior year is filled with a multitude of details and deadlines.  This package is designed to help seniors tackle all of the last minute details as they work to create a future that they will be proud to share upon graduation. 

  • ACT/SAT 


                Score counseling 


  •  College & University Selection 

  • College Major Counseling 

  • College Application Guidance 

  • College Essay Composition 

  • Personal Statement Coaching 

  • College Interview Preparation 

  • Resume Building 

  • Scholarship Search & Application Assistance 

  • Financial Aid Counseling 

  • FAFSA 

  • Guaranteed Email or Phone Response within 24 Hours

College Application Writing Support

An a la carte offering for students who are only looking for assistance with composition, review, and editing assistance. 

  • College Application Personal Statements

  •  College Application 

       Admissions Essays

  •  Scholarship Essays 

  • Resume Building

  • Standard four-day turn around editing

  • Premium 48 Hour or 24 Hour Proofreading

  • Guaranteed Email or Phone Response within 24 Hours 


*Limited to a maximum of five essay/personal statement

reviews & edits.

**Check out our Proofreading page for  more information.

College Selection Advising

An a la carte offering for families who need assistance deciding which colleges are best suited for their student's educational and career goals.


  • Career Exploration 

  • College Major Counseling

  • University Program Comparison Research 

  • Comprehensive College Selection List 

  • Summer Pre-College Program Research and Selection

  • Guaranteed Email or Phone Response within 24 Hours

Consultation Packages will vary based upon student-specific needs.
Freshman Year Create Purpose 
The first year of high school can be a major transition for students.  It is essential for students to create purpose, which will catapult the individual toward success. College Bound, Career Ready supports students as they navigate the pathway to college, customizing a plan that will enable the individual student to maximize the opportunities presented to them and producing an academic transcript that will stand out to highly selective colleges and universities. By creating purpose, we make our greatest impact on the Freshman who chooses to enlist our guidance.


Sophomore Year is the Preferred Year to Begin Planning
​Sophomore year is the best time to begin work with College Bound, Career Ready! We are proud to share that 100% of the families who have hired us to work with their students from sophomore year through graduation have received scholarship offers! Colleges begin to recruit students with potential during sophomore year, and it is our goal to help your students stand out.  We work with our students to increase engagement and purposefully navigate their high school workload.  

Junior Year Students Must Jump Start their Priorities

​The first semester of a student's Junior Year of High School requires a heightened focus on scheduling priorities. College Bound, Career Ready presents structured and scaffolded counseling. This is designed specifically to assist students in making informed decisions regarding standardized testing, determining a college major, funneling their college selection process, and setting themselves up as compelling scholarship candidates.

Senior Year's Success is Built on Strategic Planning
Looking to receive last-minute feedback on your application and essay writing, statement, or resume? Senior Year can be overwhelming with deadlines and details.  Although we encourage students to begin working with us much earlier, we are available to provide additional support tailored to your college and career goals in our Senior Year Superior Package.
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