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References from CBCR families 

provided at the initial consultation

upon request.

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Parent Comments

"You have been a tremendous help to my son throughout the college process, and I will highly recommend you to any other parent going through the college process with their child. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much for all your help!"

Rhonda, Newton, MA


"We chose to engage College Bound, Career Ready when our oldest child approached his senior year in high school as it had been 30 years since we had any college experience and much had changed!   Sarah gave us peace of mind that we wouldn't miss any deadlines or opportunities and it was comforting to know that we could reach out to her at any time with questions.  She also had an encouraging way with our son that made him much more receptive to her suggestions than when we asked him to fill out another application or write yet another essay!    Working with CBCR was an investment in all three of our children as now we have the knowledge and the experience as our younger ones approach college; making the cost even more reasonable."

~ Mandy, Florida

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"As a parent, you have a vague idea of how to get your child into college. You stress good grades, you sign them up for the SAT prep class, you make sure they participate in extracurricular activities and find some time to volunteer. You start getting a ton of mailings and start visiting some schools. Everything is going as planned but when it comes to actually apply to the school, for scholarships, and navigating financial aid it becomes so overwhelming. I felt such a sense of relief having an expert to turn to. Not someone from the college she was applying to or from her high school guidance office, both of those outlets left me feeling like my kid was a number, not a person. I needed someone who took the time to get to know her and get to know me. Sarah at College Bound, Career Ready did that for us. She was our expert to turn to when we need help writing an essay or walking us through completing the FASFA but more than that she understood my daughter’s dreams and my crazy emotions tied to this decision.  My daughter applied and was accepted at four universities: Seton Hall University, St. John Fisher College, LeMoyne College, and Binghamton University. Although she was in love with Seton Hall College Bound, Career Ready helped us weigh the pros and cons. Even with my daughter achieving the highest scholarship level, the out of pocket expenses were not worth the debt we would both incur, especially since her goal is to be a Neonatologist, and she has a lot of schooling in her future. She decided on the local university but lives on campus to achieve the “college experience.” Our middle child is currently a sophomore and we will start this whole experience all over again soon. I know with College Bound, Career Ready with us he will make a great decision too!

~ Rachel, New York

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"I'm a parent of an 11 grader living overseas. My daughter goes to an international school where most of her peers are not considering U.S. universities. Since we're not in the U.S. kids don't have the same access to college advising. Having a resource like our consultant has really been a huge help as we go through the college search process. Sarah reaches out regularly via email, is up on the latest information re applications, knows a great deal about scholarships and test schedules and is advising my daughter on her application essay and extracurriculars. When I do that, I'm nagging, but coming from Sarah, this is advice my daughter appreciates. Well worth the investment to help my daughter feel confident and not overwhelmed as we narrow down school choices and get into SAT prep mode--and to give me a little peace of mind! We look forward to working with Sarah as we get into the crunch of senior year!"

~ Susan, Massachusetts 


"College Bound, Career Ready is a great resource for anyone needing college admission, scholarship, and other career activities for your student. CBCR has The Meadows stamp of approval!" 

~ Brent, Florida

"College Bound, Career Ready always has the best most informative articles! Keep up the great work!"

~ Cheryl, Florida

Emily, Florida
Student Comments

"I want to thank you so much for all of the help you have given me on my resume, my essay, and my college writing supplements.  I found your comments and direction to be really helpful, which definitely made the college process both easier and much less stressful than I had anticipated. Thank you!"

~ Jared, Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

""Thank you so much for all the help over the last couple years. I know I would have been floundering at times trying to keep everything on track and you were the steady hand that lit the path. In retrospect, I almost wish I was more prompt with my communication early on in the college grind, as I may have been more prepared for ACT/SAT and we could have been even further ahead. Thanks so much for guiding us through this difficult time of college preparation. I know you gave my parents and me peace of mind when many of my friends were stressing out with last-minute deadlines and unfinished applications. I really appreciate all the work you put in to do your job."

~ Will, University of Florida


 I am very grateful for all of your help as I came close to wire on applying to schools. I was able to finalize my essay, and make it strong as can be as you helped me do so! Helping me put all these pieces together before applying helped take some stress off me!

~Hayley, Stony Brook University

"I currently attend Columbia University in New York, and I am set to graduate in May. As I think back on my high school experiences that allowed me to achieve this milestone, I realize it wouldn’t be possible without the College and Career resources available to me in High School, and Mrs. Sarah Cook specifically. She was always overflowing with advice and kindness during that stressful last semester of high school. She possesses the great ability to make each student feel their value and potential, no matter their class ranking, popularity or life situation. All students who put their trust in her advice and provide the required effort will find opportunity, a positive mindset, and therefore attain success! I highly recommend that students seek her out as they make decisions on their college/career path."

~ Lori, Columbia University



"CBCR has truly been a blessing! Without my consultant, I would not have been accepted into all 10 universities that I have been accepted to. Her expertise helped guide me through the entire college application process. I received more private scholarships then I could think of and even received a $29,000 National scholarship because of her help. As I'm moving on to the next chapter of my life, I do not know where I would be without her help through it all."

~ Rodeline, University of Central Florida



"CBCR is an invaluable resource to students who are preparing to go to college. My counselor was honest, trustworthy, and willing to put in extra work to make sure I succeeded. She will do that research alongside you. She will give you applications to scholarships that seem like they were made for you. She will go out of her way for you, given that you are willing to do some work too. Her constant encouragement and positive outlook made the process a lot easier. I, personally, could not have done it without her!"

~ Payton, University of South Florida.


"CBCR was such a valuable resource to me my senior of high school and I wish I had asked for help sooner. My consultant really made me feel like I was her top priority and helped me with college applications as well as scholarships by either nudging me in the right direction or holding your hand the whole way. I'm currently a freshman at the University of North Florida and there would be no way I could have afforded it without her bringing scholarships to my attention. I'm so happy that she's making a career out of helping college-bound students and I know she'll do her best in making the dream school acceptance letter a reality."

~ Clarissa, University of North Florida

"CBCR was extremely helpful to me throughout high school, and more notably, my senior year. CBCR pushed me to apply for scholarships and motivated me to continuously do my absolute best. I'm currently at the University of Central Florida with a Bright Futures Scholarship and I owe her a lot of gratitude for helping me get here. No matter who you are or where you're striving to go, she knows how to get you there and gives all her effort to help you achieve your goals. 10/10 would recommend working with her!"

~ Kaycee, University of Central Florida

“I had CBCR as an advisor during my Junior and Senior year and I can honestly say that she was one if not the best help I had throughout high school. She is a wonderful source of information and if she doesn't know something she will quickly find resources for you. She gave me guidance during my application process and I was accepted into every school I applied to. Not only is she a great resource but she is an amazing woman who will be there for you in your academic and personal pursuits and trials."

~ Jayde, Florida Gulf Coast University


Sharon & Alayna, Florida
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