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Writing a Purposeful College Admissions Essay

The power is in the motivation (not the ability) to succeed. It is important to remember that writing is a process!

Whether you are composing an essay

  • To introduce yourself and your passions

  • To explain your college and career goals and why the university is your best match

  • To tackle a creative response question that showcases your depth of knowledge

It is imperative that your composition is thoughtful, reflective, and compelling. You want to provide evidence that you can handle college courses and that you are bringing diversity to the campus.

The trick to getting noticed by college admissions representatives and application review committees isn't always about being a well-rounded student, but rather about creating a well-rounded student body for that specific college or university. The intent is for campuses to choose a diverse array of students who are passionate about the activities in which they involve themselves, thus creating a community with a variety of strengths.

Students should do some personal exploration and ask themselves: In what environment do I THRIVE? How can I make the most of my impact within that environment? The answer is where your focus should be.

Now begin writing!

  • Show how you have grown despite personal obstacles.

  • Showcase what you are most enthusiastic about.

  • Discuss something nominal to most, but significant to your story. I.e. a vacuum, the rain, a semi-colon, ping pong, etc.

  • Highlight what will be a catalyst for personal growth as you garner knowledge to create your future.

Even an applicant with borderline qualifications can make a memorable impression when he or she composes a strong admissions essay. Remember that writing is a process and that it must be done with an intentional plan that is powerfully succinct.

When you're ready to write, we're ready to encourage you and to guide you through the process. How will you reveal your best characteristics, prove intelligence, create diversity, and purposefully tell the university of your choice that you are College Bound, Career Ready?

Contact CBCR for help writing your college admissions essay by emailing or by utilizing the Contact Us page on our website at

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