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Who Do We Work With?

We hear this question quite often and are proud to share that CBCR works with a broad range of students! We are not a one size fits all program or specialty company. 

Our work focuses on getting to know each of our students' academic objectives, extracurricular interests, and professional aspirations to create a set of goal-oriented actions that will help them succeed!

Our work is primarily based on the east coast.
Our largest population of students are  MA residents.
We also have students in NY, NJ, NC, FL, GA, and are prepared to add more states to this list! 
We also work with Foreign Service Families & students who live abroad.

All of our work is done virtually. 
College & Employment applications are submitted online, and we want to work purposefully on those platforms.

We can never guarantee admissions to specific schools, but we can guarantee that our coaching will be deeply rooted in verifiable statistics and up-to-date admissions metrics.

We have your Roadmap to success and feel strongly about our methodical approach and purposeful preparation.

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