March 17, 2020

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Eclipsed by the College Admissions Process?

August 22, 2017

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Why College Bound, Career Ready?

August 4, 2017

I was born and raised in Upstate New York. It is where I earned my bachelors degree and my masters degree and where I began my career in education.  I grew up in a household where my mom was a teacher, my father was on the school board, and I had two older sisters to model how to navigate high school.  I had guidance counselors, but I cannot recall a single conversation about college with them.  I had an educated, supportive, and knowledgeable family, and I still reflect back on my journey from high school to college, wondering how things could have been different. What if I were to have had someone intentionally working with me with the sole purpose of exploring careers and the college options that would support my interests and talents?  


Becoming an educator was a safe career, one in which I knew I would be able to find a job, pay my bills, and hopefully be able to make a difference.  I chose a state school for its affordability, the connection I felt to the campus, the distance from my small hometown, and because it was known for producing great teachers.  I was never pushed to pursue anything other than what I knew and perhaps that was for a reason.


Although it was safe, the classroom was an environment in which I flourished.  The connections that I made with my students: challenging them to learn, to consider new ideas, and to reach outside of their comfort zones was, and has been, extremely rewarding.  I found myself loving the world of education but never settling into a content area; I wanted to be constantly challenged.  I taught English, Reading, Special Education, Credit Recovery, and I even taught virtually.  I was a bit fickle with my jobs, appreciating each and every opportunity but always seeking something beyond teaching the specific content area.  


Nine years ago, only five years into my teaching career, love and the world of baseball took me to Florida.  It was in Florida where I was blessed with an opportunity to truly develop my niche.  


I have been an educator for fourteen years now, but I am also a devoted wife and a busy mom of two mischievous and fun-loving boys who have taught me more about love, learning, and patience than I could have ever anticipated.  My family is my reason for growth, for acquiring knowledge, and for finding such purpose in my profession.  I want our boys to grow up exploring their college and career options, seizing valuable learning opportunities, cultivating their knowledge to showcase their strength and talents, and navigating the transition from high school to college with cultured support. 


Families deserve an educated advocate on their side as they navigate the road to college, and it is my ambition to fulfill this role.  For the last four years I have worked as a College and Career Specialist.  I have witnessed countless high school students who are overwhelmed with the process of trying to build the ideal college resume and transcript that will make them a strong enough candidate to gain entry into the school of their choosing.  This critical (and rare) position, which I have been extremely fortunate to fill, has been a blessing for so